Friday Funny 349: Obamacare Irony

>> Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm not trying to get political here. Really. But just try to find the humor in these people's tweets (all re-tweeted by "Lee") and the way they're reacting to "Obamacare" being passed:

I don't really care if you're for or against Obamacare, but I don't think moving to Canada is really going to make these people feel any better. Do I have to spell this out? Canada has an even more socialized system of.... oh forget it. They'll figure it out once they get there...


gene @boutdrz,  12:42 PM, June 29, 2012  

sooo true. at least move to Cuba, where it is warm....

Jeremy Reichenberger 1:41 PM, June 29, 2012  

I've never laughed so hard. This had to have been my second favorite thing about yesterday!

Sarah 2:56 PM, June 29, 2012  

I find this totally hysterical---and also ridiculous. I do believe the word for these people (in my husbands language) is: Tools! ;)


nrmrvrk 7:01 PM, June 29, 2012  

The way I understand it is "I hate Obama" is code for "I have a problem with black people". Where was all of the "moving to Canada" BS during Clinton's 8 years?

Keith 7:46 PM, June 29, 2012  

What makes them think we'd let them in? Besides, even Harper would be considered a softie and unelectable in America, quite aside from being smart, functionally bilingual, and Canadian. By American standards he's just too left wing and soft on too much stuff. By Canadian standards, for most of us, he's verging into raving loonie territory, but there you go.

Steve Stenzel 7:47 PM, June 29, 2012  

nrmrvrk, I think you're missing the point... did you read the final paragraph as to why this is funny?... :)

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