Friday Funny 345: Best Burger Ever

>> Friday, June 22, 2012

My birthday is mid-March. I would like one of these, please.


Unknown 11:24 AM, June 22, 2012  

OH MY GOD! Foodgasm.

Neophyte TriGuy 11:28 AM, June 22, 2012  

OH! Hellz Yeah!! Make mine with guacamole!!

Foges 11:35 AM, June 22, 2012  

at first i thought "that's not enough bacon" then the criss cross bacon came in.... mmm bacon.

Steve Stenzel 11:45 AM, June 22, 2012  

Foges: I KNOW, RIGHT? :)

Sarah 11:56 AM, June 22, 2012  

I can literally FEEL my arteries clogging.... ;) Although that does look delish!


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 2:51 PM, June 22, 2012  

I've tried making that before (albeit we did it without the bun) and it turned out horribly. The bacon really messes with how you cook the burger meat.

But it looks amazing, I agree full heartedly.

Steve Stenzel 10:42 AM, June 25, 2012  

Kurt, that depressed me!

Jeremy, we should maybe try to make these as a post-Grand Prix chow-down at the end of the year! :)

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