First OWS of 2012

>> Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well, technically this was my first open-water swim of 2012 back on Memorial Day weekend:

And then I did do the Trinona Triathlon about 2 weeks ago... but I can't count a race as an open-water swim workout, so THIS was going to be my first real OWS of the year.

I headed out to Square Lake early Thursday morning because my wife didn't work until later that day, so she watched Henry. (They actually cuddled and slept in.) I worked my way into a warm lake on a chilly morning:

Being I was there alone and I'm not THAT dumb, I stayed in the shallows. I went down and back along the beach. We've thought in the past that it's just under 200 yards in each direction (around 400 yards / lap), and helped confirm that that was close:

0.25 miles / lap

I started swimming without a plan, which is never a good idea. That usually ends up with me quitting after a short swim as soon as I start feeling tired. So I quick came up with a plan: 6 laps, 12 lengths, or about 2400 yards. That wouldn't take me forever, and yet it'd be my longest swim of the year so far. (Yeah, my swims have sucked in 2012.)

I kept my splits for each 200 yard (roughly) length:

3:17 (nearly "all out")
Total of 42:04 for (about) 2400 yards

You can see I did a harder one near the end. I told myself after about 7 or 8 lengths (when I was THINKING about stopping at 10) that I should throw in a hard length, so that got me to do 12 total. I snapped a photo when I was finished:

Why hello "vein of approval!" It's been a while since I've see you!

All in all, a good morning swim! I need to get in more of those....


Kristin,  8:44 AM, June 26, 2012  

I have a few tricks for swimming in open water that maybe you could use:

When I'm by myself, I have a bright green pool noodle (from the dollar store). I tie one end tightly with a shoelace, and attach the other end of the shoelace to a race belt that I wear over my wetsuit. Then, there's a pool noodle there floating behind me *just in case* I need it, and any boat traffic can hopefully see my bright green noodle if they don't see me. (I also wear a bright swim cap in the lake for this purpose.)

Also, I think you have a Garmin? In the "other" settings, I have mine set to lap every .1 miles. Take off the straps, put it in a ziploc baggie, and tuck it under your swim cap. You can hear it beep every .1 miles and as long as you're swimming freestyle, it picks up a GPS signal. It's been very helpful for me!

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