Foot Surgery (and something EVERYONE should have in their house)

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At the end of my Trinona "pre-race report" I noted that I had just got a number of "prickers" stuck in my foot. Here's what I had said:

As I walked back up the beach, I accidentally walked through some little burrs. I realized it about half way through them, so I sat down in the lake and pulled them out of my foot. Dang. Smooth move with about 90 seconds before my wave started.

(Here's my pre-race report and here's my full Trinona race report where I had a pretty major bonk.)

Well, I checked my foot 2 nights after the race, and I still a LOT of littler "prickers" in my right foot. There were about 8 or 9 embedded in there, and another 1 in my left foot. Super. I couldn't get at them with a tweezers, and I couldn't do much with a nail trimmers either. My wife just told me to keep soaking my foot and they'd "fester out." Gross.

Well, nothing was happening. So my wife picked me up a "needle nose tweezers:"

Do you have a pair of these at home?!? GET A PAIR NOW!!

It was so easy to use those sharp points to just dig down on either side of a pricker and pull it right out! Here I am at work last week clearing the prickers from my foot that had lived there for a week and half:

Headlight, needle-nose tweezers in hand,
nail trimmers and clippers at the ready, and a foot bath at the bottom.

My foot feels a LOT better, and it felt fine during a successful easy 4-mile run on Sunday with Henry - my first run in 2 weeks (since the Trinona Triathlon). I'm taking it easy now through the Life Time Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon, so I hope to be doing a few more easy runs with Henry in the stroller!


SteveQ 10:17 AM, June 26, 2012  

I prefer medical forceps to tweezers, as they have ridged grips and can be locked into position. Now you have me wondering where my t-shirt for the Sand Burr Days 10K went.

B. Kramer 12:40 PM, June 26, 2012  

I had a piece of grit stuck in my foot for about two weeks until I finally asked my wife to dig it out. Having a bunch of prickers in there doesn't sound like any fun at all. Cheers!

Carolina John 1:15 PM, June 26, 2012  

that's crazy stuff! ouch.

Running In Boise 4:02 PM, June 26, 2012  

I prolly woulda dug those stickers out with a swiss army knife because I always have one around. But a nice, clean pair of tweezers seem safer.

Brice,  4:49 PM, June 26, 2012  

Top tip for stuff like this - if you get splinters but can't quite grab the end, use one of your wife's "clear pore" strips. Moisten it, place it over the splinter and let it dry, when you peel it off it usually takes the splinter with it or lifts it enough to get at it with tweezers.

This worked well with my son who screams the house down if you bring tweezers anywhere near.

Steve Stenzel 12:17 PM, June 27, 2012  

Brice! I like it! I'll have to keep that in mind!...

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