Friday Funny 340: More Honest Sports Ads

>> Friday, June 15, 2012

I posted some of these about a month ago... here are a few more sports-related "if they told the truth" advertisements. There's a bit of harsh truth behind some of these....


Dina 6:06 AM, June 15, 2012  

I love the South Park episode with the Shake Weight. Not sure how anyone can use or buy one with a straight face.

gene @boutdrz 8:23 AM, June 15, 2012  

TNF one is so true. but i feel BADASS wearing my jacket to the mall.

Rachel Elizabeth 10:27 AM, June 15, 2012  

I'm a high school teacher and one day some boys came to my room with a Shake Weight asking if I would demonstrate it for a video for their class...yeah right! I am not naive enough for that!

Sarah 1:11 PM, June 15, 2012  

That's funny! You should have posted a picture of a rowing machine... Can't imagine the caption you'd have!


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