TC 10 Mile and Marathon Photos

>> Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here are some photos from Brightroom Photography of "my clan" at work during the TC 10 Mile and TC Marathon.

First, here are a few of me in the 10 Mile:

Around mile 4, looking a little awkward.

Oh, there's that "vein of approval" in my forehead
that pops out when I'm working hard!
(And there's my damn "dainty pinky" that sticks out! WTF!)

I like my Sugoi Tuke Hat because it's small enough to carry if I get too warm.
I think I took it off around mile 4 or 5.

"What?.... a 5:27 final mile?!?...."

YES! The coveted "stopping my watch as a 1-legged pirate" photo!


... and awkwardly slowing down.

Pharmie's Uncle John has run the 10 Mile with us the last 3 years, but her family can never manage to see him run by to get a photo! So I have to make sure to show off Uncle John here:

At mile 4.

Great looking final kick!

Next was my brother-in-law Matt (whom you may know as the other half of the Duathlon Relay "Team Happy Pants"). Here are 2 photos of Matt hitting the line:

Matt's the one with the sexy exposed chest hitting the first mat.

Hitting his watch just after finishing.

Finally, it was Mike's first road race EVER (Matt's younger brother), and he started by finishing a 10 miler! Here's Mike hitting the line in blue:

Congrats Mikey!!

As we were all finishing the 10 Mile, Pharmie was out there making a new friend in the Marathon. She wasn't going for a PR; she was just out there to get through her 12th straight TC Marathon 16 weeks after giving birth to our son. She ran with someone named Shelley the entire way, and it was Shelley's FIRST marathon! Here they are around the half-way point:

Pharmie in pink, Shelley in green, and Bob in white
(another new friend who ran with them for a few miles).

With Shelley at mile 26!

Just feet from the finish!

Shelley and Pharmie hitting the finish!

Pharmie ran the whole race with Shelley, and then they shared a hug after finishing. As we watched her finishing video, we saw their embrace just after crossing the line:

Screenshot of the video.

And to wrap-up the TC 10 Mile and Marathon, check out these links if you've missed them:

- My race report
- Everyone else's race and "farm animal fun"
- Pharmie's 12th TC Marathon race report on her blog
- This years crazy (and SEXY) "farm animal" VIDEO

One final link: if you haven't entered the Lazer Helmet giveaway, scroll down 2 posts or click here to enter. You've got a few more days to throw your name in the hat for a sweet $175 aero helmet!


Katie @ Will Race for Carbs 7:43 AM, October 20, 2011  

I can't believe your wife ran a marathon 16 weeks after giving birth. Please tell her I think she is a total rock star!!

David Goss 7:48 AM, October 20, 2011  

Your finishing partner in your pirate leg photo also seems to have a problem with getting a "stopping the watch" photo. Great race Steve!

Carolina John 8:39 AM, October 20, 2011  

Great pics Steve! You really pulled together a good race there.

Richelle 10:47 PM, October 20, 2011  

Thanks for sharing all the photos! I especially love the one of Pharmie hugging Shelley!

My pinkies stick out when I run, too. So annoying!

That Pink Girl 9:31 PM, October 21, 2011  

That it so magnanimous of Pharmie to make runner friends along the course! This is why I love runners. She'll never know how much that means to a first timer...and yet, what a blessing to get to witness that joy and accomplishment! You married a good one.

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