Pharmie's 5 Mile Race at "Run For the Apples"

>> Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yesterday was a fun day. Pharmie and I woke up Henry, the 3 of us all got ready to go, I headed out to teach a Photoshop workshop at CVA, Henry got dropped off at his Aunt Steph's and Uncle Jon's house, and Pharmie met some old college friends to do the "Run for the Apples 5 Miler!"

Maddy, Pharmie, and Jess

Maddy and Pharmie were just going to chat and hang out near the back of the pack. This was TOTALLY going to be a "fun run" for them. And (I think this is correct) this was Pharmie's first race where she ran with a camera. She snapped these photos along the way:

Lining up for the start

Running through the changing trees

Self-portrait with Maddy

Maddy having a good time next to some tractors

Another (slightly better) self-portrait with Maddy

Runners looping through the prairie

Pharmie told me a funny story that happened near the end of the race that proved she was just there to have fun. Someone asked "How much farther?" Pharmie said "Well, we went past the mile 3 marker a while ago, so I'd guess it's under an 800 from here." Maddy had to stop her: "Uhh, Pharmie, this is a FIVE mile race, not a FOUR mile race, so there's about 1.5 miles left..." Pharmie was THRILLED to hear that, because she wanted more time to chat with Maddy! Ha! I love my wife! :)

Nearly done with the finish line arch in the middle

Luke, Maddy, Pharmie, Jess, and Al post-race

Pharmie and Maddy did a good job of sticking to their "let's just have fun and chat" game-plan. They finished 514th and 515th out of around 700 runners, and Pharmie couldn't stop talking about the fun she had with her friends!

I hope you guys ALL had fun! Wish I could have been there!

I'll be announcing the Lazer Helmet winner sometime on Monday or Tuesday, and then I'll have more on my athletic goals for the winter. (And a bit about the truth about being a new dad.)

Have a great week!


The Triathlon Rx 3:55 PM, October 23, 2011  

I *LOVE* this race!! Glad to see Pharmie had fun. Hope she got to try come of the cider donuts! :)

SteveQ 10:28 AM, October 24, 2011  

I haven't done it in years, but I've always had a great time at that race. The tall guy with the black and white cap is Mike Gaetz, who designs the shirt for the race each year (or used to).

Carolina John 1:43 PM, October 24, 2011  

Anytime you get to run with friends it has to be more fun than racing without pictures. Good on her!

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