Four "Henry Runs"

>> Thursday, October 27, 2011

RUN #1: 8 miles on Oct 11th.

This was my first run after OVER a week COMPLETELY off after the TC 10 Mile. I thought I'd just take it easy, but I ended up feeling OK part way through. So I picked up the pace and ran the middle 3 miles in well under 20 minutes. And Henry SLEPT through those 6:30 miles!

Loading up at home

Wide awake and looking around at mile 1

Getting HEAVY eyes at mile 3
(he passed out just after I took this photo)

Sleeping at mile 4 (which was a 6:30 mile)

Back at home after 8 miles, still asleep

RUN #2: 6.1 miles on Oct 16th.

I wanted to do more, but Henry got a little cranky after about 2-2.5 miles. As I was heading home, he fell asleep, so I ran a LITTLE more before figuring I should just get home before he woke up and got REALLY pissed.

Starting our run

Looking around on this bright day

Starting to look a little concerned, THINKING about starting to scream
(which he started to do shortly after I took this photo)

Still asleep in the dining room post-run

He woke up a half hour later and was ALL SMILES!

Henry in the Baby Bjorn stretching with me post-run
(Pharmie was at work, so we were hanging out all day together)

RUN #3: an easy 4 miles with Pharmie and Henry on Oct 18th!

Believe it or not, but this was the FIRST RUN THAT THE 3 OF US WENT ON TOGETHER!! (Well, at least with Henry outside of Pharmie.) We got ready for a chiller evening run, and Henry did NOT like the snowsuit we put him in. See?....

Not. Impressed. At. All.

We realized that the snowsuit was overkill for a 50 degree evening, so we took off some of the layers and we were ready to go:

Happier in a hoodie and hat

Running behind Mommy

Wide-eyed at mile 1

Starting to get sleepy
(he slept for the last half of the run)

Me and Henry running along River Road
(I normally don't wear pants until it's in the mid 30s, but this
was an EASY run, so I knew I wouldn't be too warm on my own.)

RUN #4: a long 12 miler on Oct 23rd!

This was the LONGEST run that Henry and I went on together! Pharmie was heading out on a long run with a friend, so I figured Henry and I would go for our OWN run. He was ready for a nap, and he fell asleep after 1 mile and slept for the final 11! (Well, his eye's popped open for about 2 seconds 3 different times when I would take a curb too aggressively [or something along those lines] and there was a little bump.)

I didn't think this was going to be a "hard" run - I had just planned to keep it easy. But I found myself wanting to pick up the pace a few miles into the run. So I did the last 6 miles all around 6:30 / mile! That felt GREAT (and horrible at the same time). And Henry wasn't awake for any of those speedy miles.

With heavy eyes as we started out
(under 1 block into the run)

Asleep before hitting the first mile marker

STILL asleep (sans hat) back in our yard after 12 miles with Daddy!

These have been my last 4 runs, and they've all been with Henry. This brings me to thinking about my training and racing goals for the winter and spring. I'll be posting about those in the next couple of days...

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Christi 8:07 AM, October 27, 2011  

You have a great training partner!

Unknown 8:34 AM, October 27, 2011  

As much as I hated pushing a stroller around a year ago, I kind of miss it now. My older one would always yell at me to go faster. My little coach and motivator.

Carolina John 8:57 AM, October 27, 2011  

Mine never liked the strollers too much. It prevented them from getting into trouble, and they are all about some trouble.

Kim 8:59 AM, October 27, 2011  

what an adorable running buddy!

steve, question for of my best friends is giving birth oh, in two days...and bc i am her running buddy, i am going to be the one to push baby lucy around when running. how old should baby lucy be when i start taking her out for runs? any tips?

Anonymous,  9:44 AM, October 27, 2011  

Steve - I think Henry should get his OWN Daily Mile website. ;-) I think it'll be hilarious if you talk from Henry's Perspective.

"Daddy made me go on a 12 miler. What is he? NuTs?! One mile in I was asleep. I may have farted a few times, but it was fine. However the bumpy and Daddy performing curves like a madman jolted me awake. I still enjoyed this run. Was not hurting at all. Daddy was probably swearing with the pain...must learn those words."

Something like that. :-) Great photos!! Love 'em!

Steve Stenzel 1:10 PM, October 27, 2011  

Anon: I LOVE that idea! If there were about 3 more hours in the day, I'd totally do that! :)

Kim: I did my first run with Henry when he was about 6 weeks old. Here's the post: I think it's recommended that babies are about 6 months before you run with them, but I only did this run on smooth streets on backroads by a lake resort. It also helped that we have a SOLID "Bob" stroller. AND we wrapped burp rags up and put them behind his head support so his head was more "cuddled" (so he didn't move as much).

Shortly after that, I started running with him from home. I had to walk through the city streets until we got down to smooth running trails with no intersections or curbs. THEN we could go and be fine. There are older parts of that trail that I stay away from because they have more cracks and bumps.

So really, use your best judgement, but just be safe. You may have to alter your route to find better trails that aren't as rough and that are "quieter" (not noise - I'm talking amount of people). Good luck!!

OzarkTri 3:17 PM, October 27, 2011  

It's great that your blog has evolved and I appreciate you taking the time to keep it up.

Having been married for a couple of years now and approaching thirty, pushing the baby carriage is right around the corner. You're making it easier to anticipate potential changes in habits and your honesty is golden. Thanks for all that you do!

Unknown 10:02 AM, October 28, 2011  

I love these pictures! Makes me feel not so bad about the fact that I still take pictures of my kids in the jogging stroller on almost every run.

Yesterday my kids (3 and 5 )did not want to go with me. I was sad, and we called Daddy to make sure it was OK that I ran without them once he got home. However, as soon as I was ready to go, they wanted to come. Sadly, it was too dark and trafficy at this point, but hopefully that means I still have some time with them!

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