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>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tuesday, I blogged about new dad issues. Thursday, I blogged about 4 runs with Henry (and had a lot of photos of the cute guy), and I mentioned that I'd be back with my goals for the winter.

Well... here's my goal:

To be fit.

Yep. That's the crux of it.

Not "run 80 miles / week."
Not "run a 1:25 winter half marathon."
Not "run a sub-17:30 5K."
Not "swim 2x / week."
Not "hit the gym 3x / week."

Just "be fit."

What this means is this: I might not get in the quality of swim / bike / run training that I'd like, but maybe I can spend part of an evening at home doing lunges and body-weight squats. Maybe I can fit in a quick "crossfit-style" workout in my garage over 20 minutes when Henry and Pharmie are napping. Maybe Pharmie and I can do intervals at the Metrodome this winter where we take turns running 2 laps hard and then holding Henry while the other one runs (I think that could be a fun workout!).

If I can get out for a quick walk with Henry, I'll do it. If I can do some good core exercises while Henry is playing on his playmate next to me, I'll do that. I'll fit WHATEVER in WHERE EVER I can. I will just "be fit."

What this DOESN'T mean is this: This DOESN'T mean I'm NOT going to be racing! I'd like to race some of the Charities Challenge indoor track meets like I've done in the past (probably the mile or 5000 - and I think I've talked Pharmie into trying her hand at the mile too!). I'd love to do the Winter Carnival Half Marathon in January if I can keep my mileage up over the winter. I won't be shooting for any PRs, but I can STILL HAVE A GOOD TIME!!

The point of this is that I must be aware that with a little guy in the house, I can't (for example) just hop off to the pool for 90 minutes as easily as I once could. BUT, I still can get in SOME sort of a workout! On that note, I had to pick Henry up from daycare yesterday because Pharmie was having a long day at work. We could have just hung around the house at 4 pm, but instead, I took him for an easy run along the river. We were out for an hour, and he just looked around the WHOLE time! Here he is learning to suck his thumb about 4 miles into our run:

And here he is near the end of our run (around mile 6.5) where he WAS sucking on his finger, but then he quickly turned the other way to look at a loud car driving up the hill next to us:

Cute little dude! :)

(Oh, and I should mention that this "just be fit" post was partially prompted by a post-TC-10-mile-weight-gain. Yep. I spent the summer floating under 154 pounds. Then, leading up to the TC 10, I was around 150-151 pounds. Shortly after, I jumped up to 154+. I'll gain a few more pounds over the winter, but I want to hold it off as much as possible!)

So that's it. We'll see if I can "be fit" this winter. Stay tuned....


Steve Stenzel 3:38 PM, October 29, 2011  

Related note: I'm worried that my running / fitness will take a hit this winter when I can't just grab Henry for a run because it's 20 too cold outside. Five out of my last 6 runs have been with Henry - that's 36.6 miles out of my last 44 miles. Most of those runs I did because I had Henry by myself, so it's not that I could have just "handed him off" to Pharmie to head off on a run. What will THIS mean for the winter? I don't know....

TriMOEngr 5:15 PM, October 29, 2011  

I think you've properly embraced the concept of realistic goals with a young baby in the house. I'd say that you will be able to bundle him up pretty good and still take him with you a lot of the time - they make great snowsuits (think the little boy that couldn't put his arms down in "Christmas Story") and you can get a weather cover for the stroller if you don't have one to keep the wind off him and so on. He'll let you know if it sucks too much.

Unknown 9:09 PM, October 29, 2011  

Definitely get the weathershield for the stroller. It doesn't work with the carseat, so hopefully he can make the switch by the time the weather requires. I am not sure when he will be 6 months or so, or just ask your dr what he/she thinks. They are sometimes more leniant than the stroller co's because they take into account the individual child's development, not just a co's blanket statement for all children of all development levels.

My husband and I did a lot of alternating watching the kids. In the fall, we would like to go to a specific park and I would run with the kids in the evenings while he would mountain bike. We got in about 30 minutes or so of a workout 3-4 days a week, depending on the weather, and if the trail was rideable. I would ride my bike indoors on the trainer at night (sometimes REALLY LATE), and swim by using gym daycare, but this was the only daycare my children ever needed. I used my family for help on the weekends, and our saturdays were (and still are) spent by Ryan riding for several hours in the morning, followed by me running for several hours in the afternoon, and we would see each other in the evening, so similar to a workday, except our workouts were already done. Sundays are always rest. I hope this helps, but each family needs to do what works for them.

Good luck!

Anonymous,  12:11 PM, October 30, 2011  

I love the pics of Henry. He is one adorable guy. I admire your motivation and drive. You and Pharmie sure make it look easy!!!!!! Lisa

Bill 3:52 PM, October 30, 2011  

Steve - great for you to keep perspective. It's all doable.

During my recent six-month trip to Afghanistan, I couldn't run as much as I'd like, nor could I swim or bike. So I switched gears and started focusing on Crossfit type workouts, alternating days with speedwork on a .30 mile course. No run was over 7 miles total.

But with that short, high intensity focus, I was able to comfortably complete a 14-mile run through the Alps last week, complete with about 6,000' of climbing (3,000' of it in the first 4 miles).

So consider those short, high intensity workouts. Simple things like "100 burpees for time", "Alternating situp/pushup pyramid, from 1-10 and then back down. For time", etc.

Henry can sit there and giggle at you while you show him that vein of approval.

Cinthia 4:19 PM, October 30, 2011  

Hee, hee, I remember those days of little sleep and extra weight gain. Enjoy every minute, okay? Before you know it, Henry will be off to college (true!) and you and Pharmie will look around and wonder: How did time pass so quickly? Then you'll lace up your shoes and train for ultra distances (Yeah, you totally will).
Cheers and happy running,

The Triathlon Rx 6:43 PM, October 30, 2011  

Two things...

1) I think while you might not get in the *quantity* of workouts as you have in previous years, the ones you are able to fit in might be of better quality. I like the 2-lap thing at the dome. While 'the other one' is running, the baby-holder can do wall sits holding Henry out front like a medicine ball. ;)

2) Since I am on a medical leave of absence from school (read: available), you're more than welcome to drop the little tador tot off with me to babysit while you and Pharmie get a lake or two in. I live right by Harriet! And I have another little Ironbaby that was born the same week as Henry. How early is too early for a pre-arranged marriage?

Joe 9:38 PM, October 30, 2011  

Thanks for the reminder about the Charities Challenge races. I swear the website was broken last year because I couldn't find results for the mile and I didn't want to register if everyone was running 4:30 miles.

Looks like I'll be okay, so long as I don't try stepping down to the 800 this year (*shudder*).

Mark 8:40 AM, November 01, 2011  

Make a suspension trainer! (TRX)... I just did, cost me about $15, and the workouts have been kicking my ass! AWESOME bodyweight stuff, and pretty applicable to tri/running and injury prevention. I just followed a youtube video on how to make it. and plus, you don't need to leave the house!

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