Best. Trainer. Ever.

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

Have you ever heard me mention "WIBA?" It's the "Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventure" - a free weekend of IM WI training hosted by my wife's team. Well, if you remember WIBA in 2010, you remember the sweet toy that Saris and CycleOps let us play with.

It was thee. Best. Trainer. Ever.

Saris and CycleOps let us borrow their “Blender Trainer” for the day!! Everyone had fun making themselves a cold drink after a hot 40-112 mile ride! Stu, Robby, and I set it up before everyone took off on the ride, and we put Robby’s bike on it once he got done riding.

Here are some photos of the drink-making fun:

Robby taking it for a dry run after getting it set up.

Robby and I with the first round of Margaritas!!

Robby and Pharmie.

Making drinks in my “bowl full of sunshine” shorty-shorts.
Robby’s bike seat was never the same.


I bring this up right now because this is the last day to enter my Cycle-Ops JetFluid Pro trainer giveaway! No, they are NOT giving away the Blender Trainer. Sorry. But you can win a JetFluid Pro trainer by going to this post and leaving a comment to be entered.

When we were out in WI for WIBA last year, my wife's team (and I) actually got to tour the Saris and CycleOps facilities! You'd be surprised at how small the operation is - it's just some office space with a warehouse in the back.

I wanted to take photos in the room where they build PowerTaps, but they wouldn't let me. It was pretty sweet in there. Here are 3 other photos from our tour:

Pharmie holding the “guts” of a PowerTap. See that TINY red wire?
That’s the wire that gives you ALL the power data! Crazy!

Saris and CycleOps stuff ready to ship

Evotri members walking through the raw-metal area where
they bend metal for their trainers, bike-racks, etc.

(If you want to see more WIBA photos, click here to check it out.)

OK, so, you can enter the JetFluid Pro trainer giveaway through the end of the day TODAY (Monday). I'll print off all the entries, draw a winner, and post the winner on Wednesday. So if you haven't entered, click here and comment on that post to be entered. Right now, there are just under 350 entries. My biggest giveaway ever (some Sugoi Tri Suits) had 372 comments. I'd love to break that mark!

Check back on Wednesday to see if you won! Oh, and check back TOMORROW to see photos from Pharmie's 7K this past weekend! She did a 7K while 7 months pregnant! (To the day!)


Lucas R. Tucker 7:38 AM, March 21, 2011  

I would have loved that blender this weekend :)

Borsch 8:33 AM, March 21, 2011  

Hey now. Don't go tempting others to sign up...that worsens my odds...

Megan L. Killian 8:57 AM, March 21, 2011  

Sweet ! The Jet FluidPro is the best trainer next to the blender trainer, so that's a pretty sweet giveaway!!

Katie 11:56 AM, March 21, 2011  

Rumor has it there will be a trainer blender and maybe some PowerTap demos at WIBA this year...

Wait, are you and Pharmie going to be at WIBA this year?!?

Michael Hines 11:07 AM, March 23, 2011  

Hi there!

That video put a big smile on my face! If the electricity is out in the house, that won't be a bad idea to start making some drinks!

Great blog and thanks for sharing your insight and advice on here.


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