“Does It Work” Week Complete

>> Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well, it’s been a fun week of writing about different “things” I’ve used. It’s been great to hear what all of you have had to say about everything too! Here’s a list of all of my mini-reviews, along with links to the original posts:

Compression Tights: C+ for racing, A- for recovery.

Aquaphor: A for healing, B+ for prevention.

“Healing Creams:” C+ for Arnica Gel, C+ for Topricin, B+ for Topricin after my Grandpa’s endorsement.

Foam Roller: A+.


Online Workout Logs: F+ for Wellsphere, D for Daily Mile, B- for Training Peaks, B+ for Buckeye Outdoors, A for Beginner Triathlete.

Total Immersion Swim Method: A for beginner swimmers, B- for intermediate swimmers.

Enell Sports Bra: A+ for performance, A for comfort, C+ for appearance.

Old School Running Shorts: A.

YakTrax Pro: B- for running on ice, B+ for running on uneven snow-packed sidewalks, A for running on even packed snow.

Roctane: A- / B+.

Check back tomorrow for some details on a BIG giveaway! It’s a fun contest for anyone and everyone, and the prizes total OVER $700!! (And seriously, this contest is going to be a blast!! I can’t wait!) See you tomorrow!


Maria 9:37 AM, February 07, 2010  

I loved this series, it was a major help, especially the Enell bra...I'm seriously looking into getting one.

Maria 9:37 AM, February 07, 2010  
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gene 9:54 AM, February 07, 2010  

Nice Teaser.
"I'll be bahck."

Unknown 11:08 AM, February 07, 2010  

I enjoyed this series too. Great work!

D 12:58 PM, February 07, 2010  

A fun contest for anyone and everyone? Does that mean even Canadians can play?!? ;)

21stCenturyMom 7:58 PM, February 07, 2010  

Great series. I hope you get tons of 'stuff' to review, especially if you can keep doing 'compare and contrast'

Coach Liz 11:13 PM, February 07, 2010  

Looking forward to the contest!

ShirleyPerly 6:10 AM, February 09, 2010  

Nice series! If you do this again, please consider writing your experiences with HR training. I know a lot of runners don't understand it and until I got into tris I didn't really either. Curious as to what you think.

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