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>> Wednesday, July 02, 2008

• I signed up for a 5K on Friday morning. It’s called the “Free to Run 5K” and it’s at Harriet Island in St. Paul. It’s put on by Charities Challenge, who always seems to have fun, low-key events. Will I see any of you local bloggers out there? There’s a pretty good chance the short yellow shorts (AKA “bowl full of sunshine”) will make an appearance.

• WE. JUST. GOT. INTERNET. AT. HOME. We are freaking out here, man. The year 1995 has welcomed us with open arms.

• I completed a pretty hardcore brick workout yesterday. I’ve been trying to work on my cycling because, let’s face it, it needs a lot of work. So I tried to push out a fast 25-mile ride, and I did it in 1:23:06 (18.0 mph average). I sprinted into the house, quickly changed shorts, grabbed a drink, and headed back out just over 2 and a half minutes later. Then I banged out a 4.5 mile run in 29:26 (6:32 / mile average). That was good. But there was a little bad news: my GOOD ankle started to hurt a few miles into the run. Damn. I think it was a one-time only thing, so I’m hoping for the best here.

• I NEED YOUR HELP. I’m planning on going hair-free for the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in just over a week. I need ideas on the funniest way to get hairless. What pattern can I “carve” into my hair as I’m going hairless? If you remember, when I first removed all my body hair for my half IM and IM WI, I did “half and half, before and after”:

Then, later that year, I went hairless again, only this time I started with a heart (to symbolize my love for Pharmie):

Any ideas for my go-around next week? It can’t be too elaborate, because I’m not SUPER hairy. So something too detailed, like the state of Alaska, wouldn’t be conducive to this process; that would just look like a blob. So, what pattern/logo/symbol should I remove in my chest hair before removing all of it?


SM 11:30 PM, July 02, 2008  

Remove all hair except the hair around your nipples. That would be funny!

J~Mom 11:31 PM, July 02, 2008  

A sun shape..in honor of the bowl full of sunshine of course.

MissAllycat 1:03 AM, July 03, 2008  

I think an underpants/speedo shape would be most appropriate, based on the name of your blog and your affinity for the lucky tighty-whities...

Bruce 4:22 AM, July 03, 2008  

How about the "M" Ironman symbol?

Unknown 7:23 AM, July 03, 2008  

I'm more in line with Bruce, but why not go for one of the simple symbols for one leg of the tri. Those simple swim, bike or run icons would be easy to draw with Nair and remove!

Marcy 7:47 AM, July 03, 2008  

How about just a big ole peen? That would probably be bad though, right?

Kevin 8:02 AM, July 03, 2008  

Welcome to the 21st century.

How bout a big S on your chest

Joy | Love | Chaos 8:34 AM, July 03, 2008  

What about a bra/bathing suit top? Leave hair for where a bra would be on, say, Pharmie and the rest your smooth post-shave self.

But I like the nipple suggestion, too.

:) 8:45 AM, July 03, 2008  

"How about just a big ole peen? "


So funny Marcy!

Unknown 10:42 AM, July 03, 2008  

I was thinking the shape of a foot or a hand.

teacherwoman 11:07 AM, July 03, 2008  

so many choices! hahaha! I like the idea of a Big S for Steeve, or an attempt at the SWIM, BIKE, RUN icons! hehehe.

Anne 11:08 AM, July 03, 2008  

What about a shamrock? Is that too precise? I realize it's associated with March, but given you're a decade behind in technology, lagging a few months on symbols -- for good luck, of course -- makes sense too.

KK 11:31 AM, July 03, 2008  

I was thinking the Speedo logo too, since that is your alter ego here...speaking of, my sitemeter showed someone from Germany googled "Speedo" and "Hard on" and MY site came up because of YOUR site name in my bloglist (at least I think, I mean I'm not trouncing around in any speedos or bowls full of sunshine in my pictures....) Anyway, I laughed out loud and immediately thought I should share the news with you!

Good luck. I also like the super "S" idea too. You could wear a cape with that idea.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 11:33 AM, July 03, 2008  

I think you should do a "smilie" face -- to accompany your "bowl of sunshine".

Ian 12:51 PM, July 03, 2008  

Maybe you could make some money off your chest and sell it as advertising space. Perhaps Google or IBM would want to give you money to put their logo on your chest.

CoachLiz 3:41 PM, July 03, 2008  

Go with the Nike Swoosh...JUST DO IT! My second choice is the M-Dot logo.

Rainmaker 8:09 PM, July 03, 2008  

I like the smiley face idea. Or perhaps just a big question mark - that'd be awesome too.

Brian 8:28 PM, July 03, 2008  

keep the heart and shave the letter I with arrows pointing to your nips.

Also you can incorporate (sp?) your beard shaving.

Can't wait to see, maybe. Does the winning idea get anything? Some of those truckloads of socks? Autographed photo? That could bring me millions on ebay.

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