More LTF Photos and Answering Some Questions

>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

The official photos are back from the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon this past weekend. I look angry in most of them. And, if you EVER read my blog, you know that I’m not like that...

Running out on my cramped calf

The man in front of me is squinting because he just
glanced back at the sun gleaming off my white, white thighs.

Kicking toward the finish, looking pissed

Gliding to the finish line

Ready to be done

Just across the line in 2:37:33 (chip time)

There was a little drama on the course with the pros on Saturday. Triathlon stud (and USA Olympic Team alternate) Andy Potts was near Lake Harriet, and had about 3-4 miles left on the bike. He hit a pothole and snapped off one of his aero bars. He got carbon fiber splinters in his left forearm. He finished the bike and ended up placing 2nd in the pro field, only missing first place by a few seconds. Here he is nearing the end of the bike (notice the one dangling aero bar):

I need to answer some questions:
The following are questions that were brought up by readers in my last 2 posts (LTF Tri Report and my Chest Waxing):

• Did I really eat that crap (bacon cheeseburger, fries, malt) the day before the triathlon?
YES! I normally eat pretty crappy, and I don’t change that the day before a race. All my training workouts start with a crappy meal of pizza or Chipotle or 3 bowls of cereal. I’m used to performing with that stuff in my gut. So I’m not about to eat grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and pasta the day before a race - that would screw up my stomach for race day! Really!

• Did the waxing make me faster?
Psychologically, yes. Physically, who knows. When I get all hairless and smooth (like I did for my half IM and IM WI last year), it means IT’S TIME TO RACE! It’s like when I put on my spikes for running the 800 in track in high school: getting those things on my feet just got me pumped up and in the right mindset to go, go, GO! I think removing the majority of my body hair had the same effect.

• Would I recommend waxing to other men?
(this will get me in trouble with a lot of husbands out there...) If your wife wants to you wax, give it a whirl!! If nothing else, it sure is an experience!! You’ll have a story for the grandkids someday...

• Would I get waxed again?
I broke out pretty bad, but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. So I think I’d say, “YES, I’d get waxed again. I think.” But I wouldn’t do it 2 days before a race - even though I put on a cool front, I WAS pretty self-conscious about the millions of whiteheads on my chest (AKA my chest herpes). I’d maybe wax 6-10 days before a race.

• What’s the story behind the “family-friendly blow-up doll?”
This blow-up doll (named Fernando) showed up at Pharmie’s aunt’s 30th birthday party (I may or may not have been the one that brought him...). From that day on, Pharmie’s family took him everywhere: family functions, trips to the lake, camping, etc. Here are some photos of Fernando having fun camping last year:

Canoeing with Pharmie and her Godchild (all in pink)

Tubing down the river

Fernando and I having some man-fun in a canoe

Fernando around the campfire, trying to wake up Tom

Unfortunately, that camping trip was Fernando’s last stand. He developed a life-threatening wound, and it ended up completely deflating him. We left him at the campsite, where he passed away, waving to those driving by:

Fernando: RIP June 2007

So before our most recent get-together, we had to get a new friend. It just happened to be the day before the triathlon. He looks suspiciously like Fernando, but his name is Enrique. You’ll have to meet him sometime.

Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon in just over a week!


Anonymous,  7:25 AM, July 17, 2008  



the information, sure, but the PHOTOS!!


Marit C-L 7:29 AM, July 17, 2008  

Great job Steve! Love the comments under the photos - and no, you don't look all that angry... :)

Hee hee hee - Fernando is awesome. If I'm ever camping in MN (something I did a lot of in my youth), I'll look for him nailed to a tree. Ha! Classic!

Good luck in Chisago Lakes!

Marcy 7:37 AM, July 17, 2008  

Nah, not angry but bathroom face :P

E-Speed 7:49 AM, July 17, 2008  

LOL hopefully I have some time to get some fun Pedro shots with the burning river 100 milers this year. Blow up dolls=priceless

SWTrigal 7:57 AM, July 17, 2008  

Great pics, great race time.
LOL blow up doll photos!!

Unknown 8:04 AM, July 17, 2008  

Both feet off the ground is always a good picture.
Uh, congrats on acquiring a new blow up doll. (Now there is a phrase I never thought I would utter.... :-) )

Calyx Meredith 8:24 AM, July 17, 2008  

Fernando tubing down the river is priceless. I bet you'll have less breaking out if you wax again (especially if you use a something like a mask to clean your pores the day before). I understand about rituals and gear that send the signal "time to race" to the psyche. (Can't get on board with the cheeseburgers and chipotle though! Ick!)

:) 8:56 AM, July 17, 2008  

Fernando is my new hero.

Molly 9:15 AM, July 17, 2008  

Nah, you don't look angry, just *focused*!

Love the blow-up doll. Our tri club had one at Wildflower this year. Everyone had their picture taken with Stan the Man. He even sat roadside and cheered on the racers as they went by!

Molly 9:30 AM, July 17, 2008  

great post...
you don't look mean, just intense.
Take Care

jahowie 10:03 AM, July 17, 2008  

You look more intense than angry. I don't think that waxing is for me, I'll just stay slow. :-) The pictures of your blow up friend are hilarious!!

RBR 10:16 AM, July 17, 2008  

Dude! You are airborne in EVERY run shot.

You are the man!

At least, that is what Fernando said.

Michelle 10:21 AM, July 17, 2008  

I don't think you look angry in most of those. Focused maybe. Very cute in all of them :) Great pictures!

And what to say about Fernando...or Enrique...quality guys, obviously.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland 10:38 AM, July 17, 2008  

Gees, you defy gravity!

Anyway, I might be doing the Chisago Sprint race as well - some friends are going up for the half so I might tag along, do the sprint, and cheer for them on the half...

T 11:09 AM, July 17, 2008  

haha, you are hysterical. LOVE IT ALL.

Stef0115 11:14 AM, July 17, 2008  

That picture of Fernando in the inner tube made me laugh for a long time!

I had the same question in my head about the crappy pre race food. I wonder how you get away with it. Whatever works, as it doesn't seem to slow you down any!

ShirleyPerly 11:15 AM, July 17, 2008  

I agree, focused, not angry. Something I've always wondered: Are blow-up dolls anatomically correct?

Judi 11:44 AM, July 17, 2008  

Steve, is Pharmie your g/f? And WTF is going on with the blow up doll that her family takes with them. I think this is hilarious.

Unknown 12:05 PM, July 17, 2008  

I don't know how your wife and her family do it - you're too much! :)

Love the photos though - especially of Fernando.

Meg 12:31 PM, July 17, 2008  

It's funny how the hairless thing psychologically makes you faster. A couple of my friends shaved their legs a couple weeks before their first IM a couple years ago, only as a mental commitment to the race rather than a physical advantage.

Gotta Run..... 1:31 PM, July 17, 2008  

I think you look focused... driven... not pissed. Now those legs, on the other hand, are super white dude. Maybe some self-tanner would help :)

Jumper 2.0 1:56 PM, July 17, 2008  

You know those incredibly insulting no fat women signs?

I wonder if there is a no chest herpes sign. A CH with the circle and line crossing through it.

I also like the "may or may not" regarding if you are responsible for Fernando.

This all (as in just about everything you have blogged about) may explain why Pharmie's main blogger photo is of her back looking over her shoulder.


sRod 2:03 PM, July 17, 2008  

Fernando sure did enjoy his short life. My mind can only wonder about what pictures of him you didn't include.

Darrell 2:28 PM, July 17, 2008  

Love the retro running duds. One man's pissed off is another man's focued.

Poor Fernando, but can he really be replaced that easily?

Viv 4:06 PM, July 17, 2008  

My coach did Lifetime this past weekend too. Nothing clicked till now. Anyhoo forwarding the Q&A of waxing to the hubby.
Fernando pics were too much. What a fun group, man!
You look focused in the pics not pist.

Tracy 4:27 PM, July 17, 2008  

Angry, no, get the hell out of my way or I will run on your face, yes. :) Way to rock it out there, and ohhhh very low whistle on Fernando. Thank GOD I wasn't the only one wondering about the anatomical correctness, thank you Shirley!!!

But Steve... do NOT take pictures for me. Nothing to see there, I'm sure there's nothing to see.

akshaye 4:56 PM, July 17, 2008  

Yep... you look like one pissed off dude who was forced to get his chest waxed :)

Anonymous,  5:31 PM, July 17, 2008  

You look intense, not angry.

Wow - about the aerobars! I was riding on a path last week and saw a girl up ahead of me carrying something long, skinny and curved off the path. I thought her aerobars fell off. It was a snake!

Tea 5:54 PM, July 17, 2008  

I think Enrique needs to accompany you to the next waxing.

Mendy 8:15 PM, July 17, 2008  

Poor Fernando being replaced by Enrique. Too funny!!!

Those pics from the tri are fantastic! good shots for sure.

TriSupporter 8:36 PM, July 17, 2008  
This comment has been removed by the author.
TriSupporter 8:38 PM, July 17, 2008  

You can't possibly train outside with legs that white...right? It's like they've never seen the light of day!

Erin Leigh 8:53 PM, July 17, 2008  

I think you look focused. I love the pics.

That guy had an aero bar break and he didn't bust his ass? How common is that?

And the tubing pic brought on some laughter which brought on a major coughing fit. Thanks for that ;)

Tyger Lily 9:39 PM, July 17, 2008  

LOL! Love the pics!

I think Enrique will need his own "little bowl of sunshine"

M 11:37 PM, July 17, 2008  

Holy crap - the Fernaando pics didn't even need captions. I just tinkled a bit in the pants from laughing.

Samantha 12:22 AM, July 18, 2008  

I didn't have a chance to say thanks for the congrats comment the other day...and I don't think you look angry. Just focused...which is a good thing. I have my fair share of horrible race photos. haha.

Michelle 6:51 AM, July 18, 2008  

OMG....I don't read your blog for about a week and look what I miss out on.....Fernando and waxing, not to mention a race report. I feel like I'm so out of the loop!

Lily on the Road 8:11 AM, July 18, 2008  

Those poor unsuspecting next group of campers!!! LMAO!

I don't think you look cross or angry in any of your photo's, they are GREAT!!!

As for the food, you'll change it up once you're a "little older". LOL!!!

chia 9:02 AM, July 18, 2008  

Wow, iron gut! If I had that prior to a tri, I'd be blowin brown butt love everywhere 2 miles into the bike like a foul aversion in Mario Cart. Like a banana peel, only beefier.

Fizzgig 10:04 AM, July 18, 2008  

You don't look mean, you look in the zone!

Um, I think you should take enrique to your next chest waxing. The look on the waxer's face alone would be priceless. That is, if he is as man-tastically hairy as fernando was.

I loved that you taped him to the tree. Classic!

MtngirlinCali 11:02 AM, July 18, 2008  

Fernando rocked! You should totally replace him with the blow up bathtub girlfriends bought me one in college. He's all arms and head and suction cups to the top of the tub....supposedly the "cutest man you'll ever take a bath with." I called him Rico Suave.

And your photos? Well, that look isn't anger. It's "I'm gonna run you all down and make you cry with my blistering speed!" It makes us all jealous. Very, very jealous.

Nitmos 12:41 PM, July 18, 2008  

Looks like Fernando needs a chest waxing. Take him in next time.

J~Mom 2:59 PM, July 18, 2008  

I think you were angry that your chest broke out.

Holly 3:52 PM, July 18, 2008  

Thanks for stopping by my blog (sorry this thank-you is so very late). I've been enjoying your blog very much!

qcmier 4:02 PM, July 18, 2008  

What are you going to do once your "bowl of sunshine" deteriorates?

Unknown 8:31 PM, July 18, 2008  

Fernando's chest is smooth, yet hairy. You should have asked him how he does that...

TRI-ROB 8:16 AM, July 19, 2008  

I LIKE the angry face! You look aaaaaaaaaall bizniz out there!

I now think that I need to invest in a family friendly blow-up doll... and I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for planting that little seed of hilarity in my mind!


p.s. Are you coached by Liz?

TRI-ROB 8:17 AM, July 19, 2008  

OH! I forgot...

Nicely DONE at the race! I'm seriously considering coming out there next year to put my hat in the ring... there might be a possible "joint waxing"... are you in?

Jade Lady 4:50 PM, July 23, 2008  

I agree - u don't look mad..just concentrating! Hey, at least your tongue ain't hangin' out!

Fernando - too funny - and now Enrique...oh boy. Well, at least it's not Buffy!

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