Beyonce, Get Outta My Head and Into My Pool

>> Saturday, January 27, 2007

"To the left, to the left.
Everything you own in the box to the left."

I had a nice swim this morning, even though there were many old ladies on noodles. I did 43 laps. Yesterday, I did 24 laps in record time. My swimming is getting better. It has to be, because I've been spending so much time in the water due to my damn sore knee. I met with a physical therapist a week and a half ago, and I'm doing exercises to build some knee and hip strength. She thinks that could be the source of the problem, and I think I agree. I've been exercising, stretching, swimming, and doing a little spinning. But no running.

Anyway, back to Beyonce...

"You must not know about me
You must not know about me
I could have another you in a minute
matter fact he'll be here in a minute..."

She was stuck in my head this morning while I was in the pool. All I heard was the sound of my breathing, the occasional splash of a noodle-swimmer, and Beyonce.

Could've been worse.

Could've been better, too...


teacherwoman 2:03 PM, January 27, 2007  

To the left, to the left...

ah, I hate how that song gets stuck in my head! Thanks, Steve!

Born To Endure 3:47 PM, January 27, 2007  

"you must not know 'bout me, you must not know 'bout me"..I love that's worth being stuck in my head!!

TriShannon 9:15 AM, January 28, 2007  

Dear Steve,

Please do not take offense to my lack of love for the egg mcmuffin. While I like eggs and I'm sure the mcmuffin is quite tasty, there is something about a fast food, perfectly round egg that totally grosses me out.


He, he... BTW - thanks for getting Beyonce stuck in my head :)

xt4 9:40 PM, January 28, 2007  

Remember that song by Jewel a couple years ago?

"Something something...Intui-iiii-tion"

There. A new thing to replace the old thing in your head.

By the way, have you tried water running, with the belt? I never have, but hear it's a great workout for injured runners, and can really keep your running fitness up in the meantime.

John 2:22 PM, January 29, 2007  

Yes, it could have been much worse.
Take my workout today...
70 min on the treadmill with no iPod, just the crackly sound of elevator music through the Y's PA system.

RunBubbaRun 9:01 PM, January 30, 2007  

Let me know if Beyonce ever shows up at your pool. I will be there in no time.

Hope you knee heels up soon.

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