2006 Athletic Totals

>> Saturday, January 06, 2007

Everything from 2006 is tallied up. Well, at least to the best of my ability - I kept track of everything from January through July, and then again in December. August though November, I didn’t do much (physically speaking) and was pretty busy teaching and trying to become famous (with regards to my photo career). So these numbers are close to exact, but not 100% accurate.

2006 Totals:

• Biking: 1,214.5 miles
• Running: 194.1 miles
• Swimming: 42 times (I have no idea how far [it’s not far])
• Lifting Weights: 117 times
• Mountain Biking: 2 times (roughly 25 miles)
• Spinning: 2 hours, 20 minutes (2 classes)


• I still can not swim in a straight line. I need to swim much more this year.
• My biking total is down from 1,764.5 miles from last year, but I hope to log 2,000 miles this year.
• I wasn’t quite able to break the 20 mph average on the bike during an event. I did about 19 mph at the LTF Olympic Tri, and 19.5 mph at the Chisago Lakes Sprint Tri.
• I realized that I can run faster than I thought. I thought biking was my strong suit.

2006 Highlights:

• 22:05 5K PR (as part of a triathlon)
• Longest run: 7.5 miles
• Longest bike: 100.37 miles
• Longest swim: 1,600 meters (in 25 yard pool)
• Ms. Pac-Man high score: 48,130

2006 Events:

• Ironman bike ride
• LTF Indoor triathlon
• Unofficial Olympic Distance Triathlon (total time: 3 hours 21 minutes)
• Apple Duathlon
• LTF Olympic Distance Triathlon (shorted due to the heat)
• Chisago Lakes Sprint Distance Triathlon
• Turkey Day 5K

In 2007, I hope to due a few smaller events early in the season, then a half IM or 2 (probably just one), and then IM Wisconsin in Sept. Here’s to hoping!!


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