April in Review

>> Saturday, May 08, 2021

April was nice:

• RUN: 93.88 miles
• BIKE: 26.31 miles
• TRAINER TIME: 13h 47m
• STRENGTH TIME: 37h 11m

The best numbers up there are total time in the saddle. Sure, my OUTDOOR biking time sucked, but I spent a lot of time on the trainer. I noted in my "March in review" post that I had a winter record of time spent on the bike (10:35 on the trainer and 3:25 outside for a total of 14 hours even that month).

But in April, I had 13:47 on the trainer alone! And two of my biggest lifetime weeks on the trainer were in April. Add in 65 minutes of a tempo ride (while even ignoring the 30 min ride with my boys on the 28th), and I'm at 14:52 of saddle time in April. Nice!

I'm happy with my 93 miles of running and my 37+ hours of strength work. That strength time MIGHT be my 4th biggest month ever (behind March 2021, March 2020, and Jan 2021 [which were 38:09, 37:39, and 37:30 respectively]).

Coming up, I need to work on two things: getting OUTSIDE for more quality rides, and being OK with losing some of this consistency (as I mentioned in a post 2 weeks ago). Otherwise I'll be trying to keep up some decent training!


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