Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Quick Chiro Visit

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Yesterday I quick stopped by my chiropractor. I wanted him to look at my boobs:

After running to Target, I realized I still had my hospital sticker on my shirt.

I hurt my chest while working on the treehouse maybe 6 weeks ago. Now it pops when I move in certain ways (and has a slight ache all the time), and I wanted to make sure something wasn't "out of whack" (I didn't think that was the issue) and make sure nothing was fractured (that's what I was worried about). He thinks I just inflamed some cartilage along my sternum where it meets my ribs on the left side, and he just told me to ease up on things that really make it pop/crack. But running and biking has been fine, so there's no slowing down there.

Back tomorrow with a few final Oakdale Duathlon things that I forgot to mention in my race report!


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