Photos from the TC Marathon at Mile 19.5

>> Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Race buddy Evan positioned himself at mile 19.5 of the marathon 10 days ago, and he took about 4000 photos. Here’s his complete album, and below are 30-some that I want to share:

Leaders. As seen in my marathon post, the guy in white would take the lead.

This guy was currently 3rd, but...

... local Danny would pass him to take the last podium spot.

The lead female at mile 19.5 would end up getting passed and would take 2nd.

Here’s the eventual winner who was still side-by-side with
this teammate when we saw her take the win at mile 25.7.

3rd and 4th female. The woman in 4th (behind the guy) would end up taking 3rd.

Lots o' layers.

Ok... look at this guy...

I saw that guy near the front of Evan's photos and thought "he's running in random athletic shorts and has some muscles - this looks like a former football player, not a fast marathoner! So I looked up his results. He ran a 2:40! That's 6:09 pace! (My "Goldy's Run" 10 Mile this spring was at 6:12 pace, and my TC 10 Mile a year ago was at 6:10 pace.) He just constantly moved up in the race too - he started over 200 people from the front, and soon was in the top 100, and he finished 43 overall in the marathon! And he had NEARLY PERFECT descending splits:

Perfect descend except for 21-24 which has that nasty uphill away from the river. AMAZING!

I truly don't want to try to run a marathon ever again. But if I do, I want my splits to look like this! (They won't be this fast - I'm just talking about the descend.)

Pained face.

I remember seeing her and thinking "those are some strong legs like my wife has for a 2:50 marathoner!"



Rockin' it!

Bree in the background.

The ole' "hot body, cold arms" guy.


I like this guy.

Race buddy Carrie who won the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon with me 2 years ago.

Tri buddy Charlie back there in the neon.

She's chipper for mile 19.5 of a marathon!

Angela and I cheered for this guy as he walked past us at mile 25.7. He was
having a rough race. Looking at his results, he started at 7:xx pace
for 13.1, running the first half in 1:42 and the last half in 2:12. Ouch.

I like that shirt.

Teammate Mike finished in 4:00!! Good for 3rd in his AG!

Pacer Mike (with the 4:00 sign).

"Feed me tacos and tell me I'm pretty."


These guys were still side-by-side when they ran past us an hour later.

This is great.

I feel like we (at mile 25.7) saw a lot more people stopping to "stretch it
out" than we did in years past. Maybe there was something about that day.

A whole lotta walking pain in this photo.

This is our associate priest! Go Father RJ!!

This woman is having. A. Rough. Time.™


[singing] "Maybe she's born with it..."

I hope that's his name.

Three people side-by-side had this shirt on. I love it.

Even though Evan took 4000 photos, I couldn't find my bro-in-law "New Matt" or my wife. (And my wife and I scanned through the photos a second time together looking around where they should be.) Here’s Evan's photos if you want to take a look, and here's a tweet helping with where to find certain speeds:

If you missed it, here are my photos of my family and my wife finishing the TC 10 Mile and the Marathon.


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