First Half of 2019 Totals (Running PR!)

>> Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Here's what the first half of 2019 looked like for my training:

Training DISTANCE. Relatively consistent, with bike miles coming in after the long winter.

Training TIME. The red "sports" minutes is all bike trainer time.

A few things on those graphs:

First, it's unusual to have trainer time every month so far. There have been plenty of days where I have to be home with the boys where I just jump on my bike in the basement. (And also plenty of times where I just decide to spin my legs out at home because I haven't had a huge desire to be biking as I explained in this post recently.)

Swimming is pretty consistent, with a big trip in January which helps explain the shorter swim mileage there.

And I hit 100+ miles of running in January! Then I eased back to 84 miles as I was a little sore after a race in February, and then I had another 84 mile month in March as I raced twice and took it easy before and after those races. Then 3 months in the 90s for miles, which is great for me!


• SWIM: 87,630 yards
• BIKE: 284.98 miles
• TRAINER: 34 hours, 23 minutes (or 653.28 miles at 19 mph)
• RUN: 555.82 miles (123.71 of those with the boys)

That run total is a PR!! I've been putting in super consistent 20 mile weeks since September of last year (a lot of those on the treadmill early this year). I ran 1,027 in 2012 with baby Henry, and the last 6 months of that year had 537 running miles. (And technically, my 6-month total from August 2012 through January 2013 was a bit more with 548 miles.) So since high school, these last 6 months of 555 running miles is a clear half-year PR!

My biking total SUCKS, and my swimming is quite decent (I had a yearly swimming PR last year, and I'm just below half that distance after half of 2019, so I can't complain!).


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