May in Review (and First Good Rides of the Year)

>> Saturday, June 01, 2019

Here's what my training looked like last month:

My only days without a swim, bike, or run were the 8th (the day before the TC 1 Mile) and the 13th (where I was feeling pretty exhausted/over-trained and had finals, so I just skipped it).

- SWIM: 15,650 yards
- BIKE: 109.43 miles
- TRAINER: 3 hours 51 minutes
- RUN: 95.00 miles (43.27 of those miles were with Charlie in the stroller!)
- STRENGTH: 23 hours 16 minutes

I had my first "good" bike rides this past month as well. My first truly hard ride was the 15th. I did that simple 3x5 mile interval workout that I like to do. The later part of the Greenway Trail was closed, so my first interval was a little short as I was getting all turned around in the detour. It ended up being 4.8 instead of 5 miles. Here were my averages for those 3 intervals:

- 21.2 mph (was 21.6 before getting lost off trail)
- 20.4 mph
- 22.2 mph

Obviously the slight wind was with me for the 1st and 3rd, and I was bucking the wind in the 2nd.

And then 3 days ago I did my "go to" tempo loop in St. Paul. It's around 15.3 miles, and it goes along River Road, to Shepard Road, up Ramsey Hill, and down Summit Ave to home. The roads are in HORRIBLE shape this year (especially River Road and Summit - the trail along Shepard is pretty great). I finished the 15.25 mile loop in 44:10, which was 20.7 mph on my Garmin. That wasn't too bad - I was hoping I'd be above 20. (Back in this post in 2017, I shared my PRs over the years for this ride. I was putting in MUCH better bike milage in 2017, so there's no surprise I was over a mph faster then: 21.9 mph is my lifetime PR on this route.)

Time for a SLIGHTLY easier week ahead after some good runs this past week. More on that on Monday.


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