First Quarter Training Numbers for 2019

>> Thursday, April 04, 2019

Here's what my swim, bike, and run totals look like for the first 3 months of 2019, showing the 3-month total followed by Jan, Feb, and March totals:

• SWIM: 39,580 yards (11480, 14600, 13500)
• BIKE: 23.18 miles (0, 0, 23.18)
• TRAINER TIME: 22 hours 32 mins (8:57, 7:30, 6:05)
• RUN: 270.92 miles (102.31, 84.33, 84.28)

My swim numbers are just consistent - nothing fancy. My bike time (on the trainer) isn't great, and it needs MUCH more intensity! That's my weakest area for SURE. And my run mileage is great: not that I'm pushing for it, but that's on track for my biggest year ever. (But I expect to ease back as I start racing more [rest and recovery time that my body NEEDS], so those run totals will slow up. January was so big because it didn't have a race, so I could just go nuts running.)

Probably the most telling stat from these last 3 months is my treadmill milage. Over a 5.5 week stretch from the end of January through about the first week of March, I ran 116.46 miles total. Of that, 16.85 miles were on an indoor track (basically the indoor triathlon and 2 indoor track speed workouts), 16.98 miles were outside (just 3 runs), which leaves 82.63 miles on a treadmill! That's over 70% of my mid-winter mileage that was treadmill based! That's never happened before. Blame the damn, snowy, record-breaking February. (Oh, and 2 of those indoor track workouts had warm ups and cool downs on the treadmill as to not be turning too much on a not-quite 100% knee, so that actually took 4.5 more miles from my "track" workouts and added it to my treadmill mileage. So it was close to 75% of my mileage over that stretch that was treadmill-based.)

And one other important stat is my running consistency. I posted about it HERE and HERE. I had ALL of my normal 3x/week runs over these 3 months! And looking at these past 3 months (which are 1 day shy of 13 full weeks), I averaged 20.84 miles/week. That's a great number for me, and it happened because I was consistent!!

January started with a few stroller runs (35.36 miles), and then the stroller was parked for those snowy weeks, only to come back out for the Lake Johanna 4 Mile where I pushed both boys. So of my 270 running miles this quarter, 46.92 miles were with the boys (41.64 with Charlie in the single stroller, and 5.28 with both boys in the double).

MY THOUGHTS ON ALL OF THIS??... My cycling isn't where it needs to be, but my swimming is OK, and my running is good. I really let running "go" a bit in 2017 to work on my cycling, and it paid off: I maybe lost 30 seconds in a sprint triathlon because my running was worse, but I gained a minute (or a FEW) on the bike because my cycling was kicking ass. This year, I might go back to my "old ways" of suffering hard on the bike while being passed, but then catching as many people as I can on the run, while knowing I'm not in great "mulitsport shape." Because honestly, I DON'T like pushing hard while bike training, and I DO like pushing my running harder. So I might just roll with that this summer. We'll see what happens...


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