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>> Monday, April 29, 2019

Last week was one of my best looking "all around" weeks in a while:

2 out my 3 outdoor rides in 2019 were this week! (Therein lies a problem, though.)

• MON: 200s in the pool, and some core. Nothing fancy. A bit slow, being I was more ham than man because it was the day after Easter.

• TUES: 11 mile long run, and PT exercises for my legs. I did the middle 6 miles of this run a bit harder, and I averaged 6:26 pace on those "harder" miles. Over the winter on the treadmill, I'd descend 6 miles, and that would end up averaging around 6:21 - 6:25 pace for those miles. So this workout was probably better for me as I started HARDER right away, and then just did what I could (I didn't focus on descending or anything).

Como randomness. 4.8 miles of this was 3 laps around Lake Como.

• WED: 22 mile ride, and some core. I pushed a harder gear than I wanted to on the bike for a good workout. I think I spin too easily at times, and I need to work on really feeling some strain on my legs.

• THURS: easy 5 mile run, and some PT leg exercises.

• FRI: ladder swim, and some core. I hadn't done any upper body exercises for a week, and that also means I hadn't done any shoulder work. So (maybe not surprisingly) my "swimmer's shoulder" acted up a bit on this swim. Gotta make sure I get in my physical therapy work!

• SAT: 2x2 mile intervals, and some upper body. I didn't know what I was going to run just before taking off. But my legs felt good (easy day on Thursday), so I pushed the effort a bit and did that 2x2 mile interval workout I like. My Garmin pace data looked like this:

Warm up, interval, rest, interval, cool down.

The second half mile of the second interval was up and over the Hiawatha pedestrian bridge (Martin Sabo bridge), so I was happy that it didn't REALLY show in my pace. I put out a good effort, and (without making it a goal) kept every half-mile split under 3:00:

2:52, 2:56, 2:58, 2:51 = 11:39.65 (5:49.83 pace)
3:00 walking rest
2:45, 2:58, 2:59, 2:48 = 11:31.63 (5:45.81 pace)

• SUN: "long" ride of 26 miles, and some PT leg exercises.

For this week: I hope to do a hard "all out" swim this morning, and maybe a long run with Charlie in the stroller tomorrow. And hopefully 2 bike rides as well. But otherwise, nothing fancy. Still no race on the schedule, so I'm just "working out" and not "training" for anything specific right now.


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