Friday Funny 1582: April Fool's Pranks

>> Friday, April 05, 2019

A lot of bigger companies pulled some funny pranks April Fool's jokes. Here are a few good ones:

No. Just no.

A ramen inspired headset...

... complete with a fork microphone.

Playstation introduced a "Limited Collectors’ Edition" keychain... which was just an actual Playstation.

A bike share app for tandems.

OMG. Genius. (I kept in the gross language because men are gross.)

There are (disgusting) people who like to dip their fries in their
milkshake, so McDonalds introduced dip-able milkshake packets...

... gross.

KFC Japan introduced just a bucket of chicken bones as the "Original Chicken Full Bone Bucket:"

And finally, here are 2 local April Fool's jokes. First, the Bell Natural History Museum on the U of M campus announced and someone had stolen the wooly mammoth:

And the Trinona Triathlon announced a big change to their run course:

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