June and July Training: Lots of Stroller Running

>> Saturday, August 04, 2018

I KNOW, I KNOW... I'll stop talking about stroller running shortly. It's just sort of what's on my mind lately as I'm racing with the boys in the double stroller tomorrow morning.

Here are some training totals that HOPEFULLY show that I'm ready:

June 2018

July 2018

June had decent numbers all around (as I posted about here), but July wasn't as great. All three totals (swim, bike, run) were down in July, with swim and bike taking the biggest hits. But part of that is due to being gone for a total of 12 days in July: 6 days on a big state parks trip and 6 days on a family vacation where I WAS able to get in some good bikes and runs. Here's what June and July look like when I highlight camping / family trips:

Camping with my in-laws for 3 days in June.

6 days on the state parks trip, and 6 days in Alexandria in July.

So note that my training on days when I'm actually home is pretty good: a swim, bike, or run on EVERY one of those days in the last 2 months!

And to look at my running numbers: I had 87.02 miles in June, and 82.37 miles in July. Of those 169 total running miles, about 40% of those (66.7 miles) were with the stroller. And 5 more of those miles were done at the track when I was watching the boys, so they were with me for 71.7 miles in the last 2 months.

Alright, that's enough stroller running talk. Time to see what I can do tomorrow with the double stroller! Check back for a race report soon! The best I've felt for the last 2 weeks was last weekend's long run with the boys, and I'm HOPING that I feel that great tomorrow for the 15K! (But I'm totally nervous that I WON'T!)


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