Two Weeks of Training: A "Pre-Race" Week and a Recovery Week

>> Saturday, August 11, 2018

Here's what my last 2 weeks of training have looked like:

It hasn't been great.

Last Saturday (the 5th) was the MDRA 15K that I ran with the stroller, so that really dictated a lot of these 2 weeks' training.

The 4 swims have all been pretty crappy: the first was some slowish 500s, then slow 200s before the race, then just some moderate swimming the day after the race, and finally a painfully slow ladder yesterday.

I skipped my bike workout on the 4th being it was the day before the race. On the 1st, I had my slowest tempo loop in recent months (at 20.5 mph when I've been over 21 and flirting with 22 mph for the last 15 months). This past Wednesday was just an easy spin on my trainer to flush out my legs (the purple on my training log). And then I had a decent (but still slow) hilly 20 mile tempo ride this morning: I looped by the river and onto Big Rivers trail to get in some hills over 20 miles, and then just took it easy the rest of the way for 31 miles total.

And my runs have been nothing fancy (except for the race). Basically 2 easy runs last week (one with the boys) and then the race on Sunday for a decent/normal weekly total of 20+ miles. And this past week, I've only ran once (with the boys) to make sure my legs were OK post-race. I'll run an easy 7ish tomorrow for a low recovery week total of around 12 miles.

Saturday is usually my run day, but I put that off until tomorrow because I had more time this morning to get in a ride. I need to hit my bike hard! I have a tri on the horizon (FINALLY), and I'll be back with more on that shortly.


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