June's Training

>> Monday, July 02, 2018

Well, June's training was better than May's training. But really only because I raced a few races in May (as I noted in my "May in Review" post): there were 3 races and one more the weekend RIGHT before May started. So I had a lot of days taking it easy pre- or post-race in May, whereas June was all just TRAINING:

The 15th was in the middle of a camping trip, but the other days all had a swim, bike, or run.

- SWIM: 16,050 yards
- BIKE: 195.37 miles (212.03 miles if one short trainer ride is added in)
- RUN: 87.02 miles

Those numbers are pretty decent: best bike numbers since last year, 2nd biggest monthly run total in the last 2 years, and 3rd biggest monthly swim total in the last 2 years. I STILL NEED TO BE DOING MORE SPEED WORK, but these numbers are good!

Time to look for a multi-sport race shortly...


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