Summer of the Stroller

>> Saturday, August 25, 2018

Two days ago, I posted this on Facebook:

Here's a link to my 15K race report, and here's more about that stroller workout PR.

And I'm serious about stroller running helping my running. Today was the Maple Grove Tri, and I felt GREAT on the run out there and passed so many people. (Part of all the passing was due to not being in GREAT cycling shape, so I was a bit farther back than normal in T2.)

Oh, and one more thing that happened on our last stroller run (just before posting that Facebook post): I was running across a bridge with the boys early in the run, and I was getting a bit hot. So (as usual), I pushed the stroller a bit out in front of me, let go, took off my shirt mid-stride, and went back to pushing the stroller. A 60-something-year-old female cyclist passed me and said "That's a pretty impressive move!" I laughed and said "Yeah, I've done that a FEW times." She laughed and rode off.

Back with a race report soon!!


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