Screw This Winter (Part II)

>> Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In yesterday's post, I shared photos showing how shitty and long this winter has been compared to recent winters. It's depressing.

In this post, I'll show what the long winter has done to my training numbers. Here's what THIS YEAR looks like as a weekly graph from the beginning of February through this past week:

2018 distance (foot issue acting up in mid-March, so run numbers got sporadic)


2017 and 2018 distance placed on the same scale. Damn.

The bad news is that I racked up 336.93 miles on the bike OUTSIDE by this time last year, and I haven't dared take my tri bike out yet this year. (OK, truth-be-told, we've had a few days in the 40s, and I COULD have ridden. But those days were either non-bike days, or days that it worked better for our family for me to do my ride early in the morning while it was still below freezing. AKA: too slick to take out my tri bike. Still, realistically, I COULD have been on my tri bike only 2 or 3 times.)

The good news is that I've still been getting in some rides on the trainer. So those "distance" graphs above are a little deceiving. Here are those same weeks, only the TIME spent training has been shown:

2018 weekly time: run, swim, strength, and sports minutes ("sports" being all
bike trainer except for 105 minutes of aqua jogging in last week's column).

2017 time. Actually quite similar to 2018, just more outside instead of inside riding.

Those 2 graphs were on the same scale already, proving they were close.

So it's not all HORRIBLE news. My training is OK. The weather just suuuuucks.


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