2.5 Weeks of Injured Training

>> Thursday, April 19, 2018

Here’s what my last 17 days of training have looked like:

Note that 8 days before this is when I suddenly had some pain on the top of my left foot. I took a week a little easier at the end of March, and then the screenshot of my training shown above starts with a week off from running. The purple “sports” minutes in my training are usually trainer time on the bike, but the 4th and 6th were both aqua jogging time. I finally ran 4 miles on the 8th as my first run in 9 days.

Here’s a quick weekly breakdown of my training, with “highlights” after each week:

• Mon, 4/2: ladder swim.
• Tues, 4/3: sprints on the bike. Spinnervals 23.0 part B and C (90 sec efforts, and then short sprints).
• Wed, 4/4: aqua jogging. Efforts of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 mins with a min easy between.
• Thurs, 4/5: all out “no mind” swim workout. More on that here.
• Fri, 4/6: aqua jogging. 10 min WU, 40 mins of 1 hard/1 easy, 10 min CD.
• Sat, 4/7: moderate ride.
• Sun, 4/8: first easy run in over a week. Bummed that my foot still hurt a lot.

The odd thing about taking some time off from running but still doing aqua jogging is that I think aqua jogging screwed up my ankle sprain from years ago. I think holding my foot "dorsa flexed" while "running" in the deep water in the pool upset my ankle. So I need to watch that.

• Mon, 4/9: 8x200 in the pool. Slow.
• Tues, 4/10: long hard trainer ride. More on that here.
• Wed, 4/11: moderate 5 mile run. Tested foot. Far from perfect, but OK.
• Thurs, 4/12: 35x50 in the pool.
• Fri, 4/13: short run with Charlie.
• Sat, 4/14: moderate trainer ride.
• Sun, 4/15: snowy “long” run. More on that here.

It was the middle of this week that I finally saw a podiatrist about my left foot. He said it was bone spurs, and I’m supposed to do all I can to relieve the pain (so try to keep as little pressure as possible on the top of my foot).

The big training news of the week were my swims. I did an ALL OUT swim workout last week (on 4/5) hoping to break me out of a swimming funk. But my next swim (4/9) was my slowest set of 200s in YEARS. Dang. So then I did something short and hard again as my next swim on 4/12: that workout of 50s I like to do. (See this post for more info on that workout.) It was fun, and my times were OK - each set of 5 ends with an all-out 50, and those seven 50s were consistent: between 37.4 and 38.9. I averaged 0:37.2 for the all-out 50s, and I averaged 0:36.8 in a similar workout back in early February.

• Mon, 4/16: 3x500 in the pool. Went out hard. Swam a consistent 7:39 ave (1:32 pace).
• Tues, 4/17: sprints on the trainer.
• Wed, 4/18: "long" run of 6.7 miles. Foot hurt at the start, but felt better throughout. Still annoyed though.

Oh, also, on my run yesterday, I took a pretty bad fall. Back with more on that on Saturday. Tomorrow will be a few "Friday Funnies."


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