Screw This Winter (Part I)

>> Monday, April 09, 2018

I had a "Facebook memory" last week from 5 years ago. It was this:

Yes, I pissed about being on a bike ride and being hit with a little bit of snow.

This year, things are different. It's been cold. Yesterday morning, there were places in northern MN that were well below 0 (setting new records for the latest sub-0 temp during any "spring"). In the Cities, it got above freezing for like an hour yesterday, and then it snowed again. Before that we still had a yard covered in snow. Here's what the boys' sandbox looked like BEFORE the snow yesterday:

And our sideyard before yesterday's snow.

We've known for months that this winter has sucked, but it really hit me when I posted about our 2017 veggie garden totals last week. I showed this photo from April 8th of last year as we were getting ready to move plants outside in this mini "cold frame:"

My son BAREFOOT and in SHORTS this time last year (1 year + 1 day ago).
This year, I can't imagine plants being outside yet.

And they're saying we have another snowstorm coming on Friday. Super duper.

Back with "Screw This Winter (Part II)" tomorrow: we'll see how all this white crap has affected my training.


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