Last Week's Training

>> Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Here’s what last week looked like:

• MON: broken 400s and 200s swim, and core. Decent times, good swim.
• TUES: nothing.
• WED: easy 7 mile run on packed snow, and some legs at the gym.
• THURS: 3x500 in the pool, and some core. Averaged 7:33/500, which was fine.
• FRI: easy run with Charlie, and some light leg work. (This was before camping with the boys.)
• SAT: 80 mins on trainer, and some legs. Late afternoon after getting back from camping.
• SUN: long run with both boys, and some upper body at the gym.

When I ran with both boys on Sunday, it was early (before 8) and it was chilly. The boys were fine bundled up under the “weather shield” in the stroller, but my water bottle slowly froze. Here it is open post-run, and you can see the ice formed inside at the bottom (err... the top) that totally clogged it up:

Also, a post-run tweet.

That run on Sunday was great because we had some melting on Friday and Saturday so the trails were pretty clear. Two days before on Friday, Charlie and I had a bit more of a sluggish run on some packed snow:

It was nice though - note the sweatshirt off and sitting on the stroller as I ran.


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