Three Weeks of Training

>> Monday, December 04, 2017

My last 3 weeks ended with my wife working this past weekend. Yesterday, I took the boys for a 6.3 mile run along the Mississippi. When we hit the river, downtown Minneapolis was reflecting the sunrise behind us:

Usually busy River Road was pretty quiet!
(7:30 a.m. on a Sunday, but it was a balmy 31 degrees, so I was surprised!)

Crossing the Franklin Ave bridge being watched by the rising sun.

And 2 days ago (Saturday), I got sweaty on the trainer:

A selfie an hour in (after the "Time Trial" workout on Spinervals 23.0, before some easier drills).

90 mins of sweat.

I warmed up for a bit while watching PBS, and then got sucked into a show (jeez I'm old) and didn't start the Spinerval DVD for about 45 minutes. Then I did all of the Time Trial workout, and part of the Recovery/Drills workout for 90 mins total.

And here's what the last 3 weeks look like:

I wrote a bit about that first week in this post a few weeks back - that was my first decent week after taking 2 weeks off and then building a bit for a week. That week was 20.4 miles of running, and I consider 20 miles to be "decent."

The middle week was Thanksgiving, so I had a few days in there with no workouts, but still 3 runs. I ran 21.2 miles that week, and figured I should back off a bit for a week.

This past week (the 3rd week above), I had a decent ride where I posted a pic of my wife's backside, 2 solid swim workouts, and some easy runs (1 run shown at the start of this post, and another stroller run that I posted about on Saturday). And also that sweaty trainer ride. I backed off a bit with just 18.5 miles of running, and things are good!

Happy training!!


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