First Decent Week of "Off Season" Training

>> Monday, November 20, 2017

After 2 weeks off from running (which included 1 week off from any sort of biking or swimming as well), I now actually feel good regarding my training again. Last week was nothing special, but it had nice consistent workouts, and it looked like this:

That's 2 swims (100s and a ladder swim) for 3700 yards, 2 rides (30 miles outdoor and 70 mins on the trainer for about 52 "miles" total), and 3 runs (just easy or moderate efforts) that got me over 20 miles for the week. Nothing fancy, but still nice.

Oh, and regarding the swims: looking at my 15x100 workout, it's not apparent that I'd taken over a month off in the pool (ankle issues since the TC 10 Mile on Oct 1). I averaged 1:25 which isn't unusual. However, in the ladder workout later in the week, my time off in the pool was apparent. My "longer" intervals of 300 and 400 were slower. I lose endurance in the pool quickly, but my speed sticks around. My 400 was 6:12, when before taking the time off in the pool, I could do that decently under 6. And one of my 300s was 4:37, when lately I can keep them all under 4:30. I'll work my way back over the next 6 weeks or so.

I don't have any race on the schedule yet, so I'm just sort of "maintaining" and going into base building.


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