Friday Funny 1366: Weird Stuff at Your Parent's House

>> Friday, December 01, 2017

Over Thanksgiving, JennDangerous asked people to send her pics of weird stuff from their parent's house. And holy jeez, it was fun to scroll through that thread. Here's a highlight:


Grandma, this MEANS SOMETHING ELSE in 2017. Something... very... else...

I hope you like bad movies (like me) and understand this reference.

I didn't pass this along via twitter, but I took a photo that would fit here. I found this cassette tape in my Grandpa's basement bar (you know, a bar like every 1960's house had?) that's titled "Ice Cubes and Beer with the Ridgeland Dutchmen and Wisconsin's Concertina Kid." It just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?

Sidenote: on (yes, that's a site), you can purchase this. Only as a CD. Sorry if you wanted my Grandpa's tape. That's now a collector's item.

Lots more funny stuff posted all week long on HAPPY WEEKEND!


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