Friday Funny 1378: The Sneakiest Cheaters

>> Friday, December 29, 2017


As someone said in a comment where these were found: “Let's see: I got one student checking compulsively under her fingernails with several other girls squinting at their nails; another student ripping up a band-aid on their arm for no reason; that guy is suddenly really interested in the nutritional content of his vitamin water; that girl is checking out her own cleavage (I know I would if I was a chick); the guy in the back has a calculator missing half its face (don't know why he needs a calculator for a civics exam, but I can't judge, this is 2017 after all); and the guy up front keeps checking his watch (must be pacing himself; excellent test taking tactic). Everything seems legit. I'm a shoo-in for Proctor of the Year Award.”


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SteveQ 10:49 AM, December 30, 2017  

I have a coffee cup with the Krebs Cycle on it (came from a Boehringer Mannheim sales rep). It came in really handy when I took introductory biochemistry - I didn't even realize it until half-way through the final exam!

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