Friday Funny 1365: Insensitive Turkey Trot Tips?

>> Friday, December 01, 2017

Did you hear about this last week? A Facebook page for a New York 5K "Turkey Trot" posted some tips regarding where to line up for the start of the race:

They later apologized for the remarks suggesting that it was posted by an insensitive volunteer.

There's a lot of truth in there, but is it too rude? Too insensitive? Especially being it's a holiday "turkey trot" race? Or is it funny? Personally, I think the "skinny" comment may be too much, but the rest makes me smile. However, the "tone" of it may be a bit elitist, which doesn't belong in a holiday fund-raising 5K. What do you think?

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Keith 2:06 PM, December 01, 2017  

Is it true? Yes.
Is it tactful? No.
Is it funny? Maybe. If it's not, you almost certainly belong towards the back of the pack.
For a serious race where people are actually racing it, I love the advice. I seed myself well back in a running pack start, and it frosts my cookies when I have to work my way around walkers, strollers, 3 across chatters , and the like, who put themselves in the speedy runner section.

SteveQ 2:25 PM, December 01, 2017  

One year (about 1983), a guy in cut-off jeans and basketball shoes got in the front row of the Get In Gear 10K and people suggested he move back. After winning (maybe 2nd or 3rd), it was discovered he had just arrived from Romania. He was offered a college scholarship that same day.

Never judge by clothing.

Steve Stenzel 5:05 PM, December 01, 2017  

Keith: yes. 100%.

SteveQ: that's awesome! Ha!

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