Christmas Tree Hunting (and Thanksgiving)

>> Monday, November 27, 2017

Yesterday was 50 degrees here in MN, so (naturally) we went to Krueger's Tree Farm to find a tree.

My wife wanted to check out the small "untrimmed" tree field in the corner, so we hiked out to the "natural-looking" trees. Charlie liked this little one:

Spotting the tree we wanted to take home.

I did an isometric shoulder press along the trail to keep the tree out of the mud.
(We had a sled, but it was too tiny, so the tree kept rolling off.)

I Instagrammed this pic after we got home - Santa was there after we got our tree.

Charlie hugging our tree once we set it up.

We still haven't decorated it, so those pics will come later.

And here are 3 quick pics from this weekend of Thanksgiving fun:

Stenzel cousins.

My folks and their grandkids.

Charlie PASSED OUT at my Grandma's house! This is in the middle of all the noise! He had a big weekend.

Back with some training updates soon. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!


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