A Week Off

>> Saturday, November 04, 2017

A week ago, I raced the Minneapolis Halloween Half Marathon. The plan going in to the race was to take some time off post-race. Here's what my last 7 days of training look like after the race on the 28th:

Saturday: half marathon and a little core.
Sunday: upper body.
Monday: core.
Tuesday: nothing. (That "injury" note is just an update saying my chiro thinks I'm on the mend.)
Wednesday: upper body.
Thursday: my old physical therapy legs routine.
Friday: core.
Saturday: 50 mins of aqua jogging, 3 laps in the pool, and some upper body.

My ankle never HURT after the half marathon. If anything, it felt better than the previous 3 weeks. But I still took it easy this week. It hurt just a BIT at TIMES while aqua jogging today, but that could be because it hadn't been worked in a week. And then I tried swimming a few laps after that just to see if I could try swimming a bit more on Monday. It felt just fine while swimming - it did NOT pop and crack like it did 4 weeks ago when I LAST swam just after the TC 10 Mile. I know, I know... now if it hurts I won't know if it was the aqua jogging or the swimming. Whatever.

So I think I'll rest tomorrow, try swimming a bit (maybe just 800-1000 yards) on Monday, MAYBE try biking on Tuesday, and then re-evaluate. I may try running as early as Wednesday. We'll see.

Oh, in sort of related news (as in "I'm not working out as much so I'm hanging with my family a bit more,") here's a photo I Instagrammed yesterday:

Caption: "We’ve got a tradition when Henry has a half day: the boys pick lunch
and then something fun to do. Today it was quesadillas and the zoo."


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