$102 Found on a Run

>> Saturday, November 11, 2017

Well, I guess I just blew my load with that title. I supposed that says it all. I posted this on Facebook yesterday afternoon:

And I posted this photo as the first comment:

On a bench in the Hamline University locker room.
(I went for a run in between some grading.)

People were asking where I found it:

An athletic friend noted something important that I had mentioned:

And then a good college buddy who now lives within a mile of where I teach wrote this:

Jeremy noted the final take-away for all of this:

In related news, this was my first run in 13 days! I took some time off after the Halloween Half Marathon at the end of last month. Everything held up well for this run. More on that shortly. For now, I'm off to go roll around in the 3 bills I found yesterday. (Nude, of course.)


Kristin 8:59 AM, November 13, 2017  

Finding money on runs is the best! I found $83 once -- it was early on a Sunday morning with no one around, so I assume it was "drunk person dropping their wallet" money.
I found $20 a couple months ago and did see an old lady looking for something, but she said she was looking for her dog and not any money, so I felt like I had done my due diligence and kept it without any guilt.

SteveQ 10:42 AM, November 13, 2017  

So the pimp asks the hooker for her day's earnings and she hands him $102. He asks, "Who gave you the $2?" "Everyone," she answers. They laugh so hard, they throw the money in the street and start anew.

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