"Cycle Ball" - AKA Bike Soccer

>> Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I just saw a video about soccer. With bikes. Sweet baby Jesus these men have control:

Here's another video that's the entire first half (7:00) of a game:

The video above starts off slower, but then there's more scoring in the last half of this video. And look at those perfect track stands at the 1:35 point! Holy hell!

Finally, here's a real slick video showing 2 guys training and practicing their shooting (as part of a wheel advertisement):

Who wants to take up a new sport with me? And everyone else should invest in medical supply companies, because I'll be buying a lot of gauze, ointment, and ice packs next year...


Emily W 8:51 AM, November 22, 2017  

You know that bike polo is a thing, right? People play it right here in the Twin Cities. I am too chicken to really try, but I am some of your other bike friends could point you in the direction of a game (match?). Although, I suppose it's a fair weather sport.

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