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>> Saturday, May 06, 2017

Well, I decided at the last minute to race the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon near Stillwater this morning. I wanted to make sure that my legs/knees/heels felt OK after the Cannon Falls Duathlon last weekend before signing up to race a week later. And everything felt fine this past week. So I have this scheduled to post during my race out by Square Lake.

Post-race at the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon in 2015 with Devon.

I had 8 specific goals for Cannon Falls that I posted before that race, but I don't have a long specific list going into this race. I mean, it's some of the same stuff (like "finish and don't get injured"), but here's my big overall goal:

Push a LITTLE harder on the first run, push HARDER on the bike and suffer, then hit the first part of the final run hard without being too cautious.

My bike goal is the big one: push hard on the bike. I ran better (faster) than I thought I would during the 2nd run at the Falls Duathlon, and part of that could have been because I maybe took it a BIT too easy on the bike. Today, at Cinco DU, the bike is even shorter at just 10 (HILLY) miles, so I can really just try to bang it out. And then suffer for the final 2 mile run.

Finishing the first run at the 2015 Cinco Du (as seen in this post of race photos).

Back with another race report soon! Check my Instagram for any possible post-race updates. Happy weekend!!


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