Final Duathlon Thoughts

>> Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So it’s been 2.5 weeks since the Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon, and I have a few thoughts. Well, really just 1 thought.

I noted being just 3 seconds off a course record, and how my “slow” final run (especially the start of that run) kept that from happening. But I sort of failed to acknowledge that it’s a DUATHLON where you have a run, a bike, and a run. Sure, I hoped to be faster in that final run, but it’s a 3-part race, not just a final running sprint to the finish. I posted my fastest bike split there by a long shot, and was the 2nd fastest cyclist overall, which is a stat I’ve NEVER been close to before. I can’t be too upset by being a few seconds slower than I would have hoped for the final run. In fact, one of my goals for 2016 (before becoming injured that year) was to be passed on the run: that was my way of acknowledging the fact that I wanted to bike harder/better, and then be up along side a different caliber of athlete when hitting the final run.

Also (related to that), I don’t know how much of my bike speed is my new bike, and how much is my training. I’ve put on more miles than ever before in spring/early summer, so my bike fitness is REALLY good right now. But, how much of my speed is a newer/lighter bike? I can’t say. If I had to honestly guess, I’d say 60-70% is my better bike training, and 30-40% is my new bike.

Sidetone: I had a nice, hard ride last week:

Sort of related: yet another big THANKS is warranted to Robert at Element Wellness Group for his acupuncture work at getting and keeping me healthy this spring! Thanks Robert! See you next week!

Back with more training updates and thoughts for an upcoming Memorial Day 5K in a post on Saturday!


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