Final USATF MN Team Standings

>> Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I ran a few races with my YWCA Endurance Sports team before falling injured for most of the year. Then I was able to race the FINAL race of the season last month at the Fort Snelling 15K Relay. That was a fun 3x5K team race!

Well, the final results are in. Because of the final race or 2, the men's team that I'm a part of moved up from 4th to 3rd:

Men's standings - we were 3rd in the "Blue Division."

Women's standings - they earned 3rd place as well (tied).

The men's team wasn't too far from first in the Blue Division. (It's kinda like the J.V. division for newer/not as fast teams. My understanding is that USATF MN has XX many teams in the Red division, and at the end of the year, the top team in the Blue division moves up to Red, and the bottom team in the Red division moves down to Blue. So our team should be racing Blue again in 2017.)

I had to look at the results from some of the mid-summer races that I missed. I looked at 5 races that I had on my radar before getting injured. In 3 of those, if I had been racing, we would have earned an extra point in each of them, and one of those points would have come from Life Time Run who is in 2nd. (So TC would have still had 38, my YWCA team would have had 35, Life Time would have had 33.) In the other 2 that I looked at, we didn't have a full team. So if we were just 1 runner shy of making a full team in either of those races, we would have earned a handful of more points, which could have very easily gotten us into 1st in the Blue division.

So it looks like I have a nice goal for 2017: help my YWCA Endurance Sports team win it's division in the USATF MN series! It IS possible!


SteveQ 11:14 AM, November 30, 2016  

I think I'm on one of those teams' old guy teams - but I'm not sure! I didn't do any of the races.

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