Just Keep Kicking... Just Keep Kicking...

>> Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yes, yes... I know Dory says "just keep SWIMMING, just keep SWIMMING." This is a play on that.

I'm swimming 1-2x each week, and trying not to do too much with my healing shoulder impingement / swimmer's shoulder. Swimming still aggravates my forearm injury a bit too, so I know I shouldn't go nuts. So when I swim, I'm doing a LOT more kick drills than in years past because that gives my forearm and shoulder some rest. Since I SLOWLY started to swim late summer, here's what my numbers look like:

2016 through October:
22,425 yards total
3,950 yards kicking
17.61% of total distance was kicking

I stopped swimming in August of last year because of my elbow, and I had logged 131,136 yards so far that year. I quickly glanced back through my training log, and I couldn't find ANY kick drills at all last year! Let's say I missed one workout that had 300 yards of kicking... then my 2015 kicking percentage would look like this:

131,136 yards total
300 yards kicking
0.002% of total distance was kicking

On a totally unrelated note, there was a potluck at the YWCA today for our endurance sports team. Here's me and my boys with [favorite trainer] Laurie next to us:


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