Two Weeks of Training Between Two Races

>> Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Mid October looked pretty good for me on paper. Here's the week of the 17th, which was a light week because it was right after my race on the 16th:

Two runs with a spin in the middle, and then gone for a big family wedding that weekend.

My left calf was sore after Friday's run, so I didn't run on Sunday. I THINK THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME I DIDN'T HAVE A WED/FRI/SUN RUN SINCE I STARTED MY "RETURN TO RUNNING" PROGRAM IN JULY! After foam rolling and stretching well on Sunday and Monday back at home, it felt better. The next week looked like this:

A run on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun, 2 decent swims, and 2 trainer rides.

THAT'S a solid looking week! Saturday was pretty intense because I swam my first 100s in over a year (all of my swims lately have been "longer" intervals that aren't as intense), and then it was my first trainer ride with some decent effort since getting back on my tri bike (the Spinnerval workout that's 7x90 sec intervals, plus a bit more).

For the second swim last week, I did 10x100. I was hoping to keep them under 1:30, and they ended up being some of the MOST CONSISTENT intervals I've ever swam! They were all within 1.80 seconds of each other: 1:25.42, 1:25.16, 1:25.57, 1:24.17, 1:24.43, 1:25.50, 1:24.23, 1:24.02, 1:23.77, and 1:23.82.

And in my final "long" run on Sunday before this weekend's race, I went 6.38 miles (the farthest I've ran since March), and I did the middle 3 miles "harder" without going SUPER fast: half mile splits of 3:16, 3:12, 3:07, 3:12 (up Hiawatha bridge), 3:07, 3:01 = 18:57.43 (6:19.14 pace).

This week, I'm taking it easy: 2 easy runs before the race on Sunday, and maybe a swim and a bike. I should be all ready for this weekend!


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