Mailing a Homemade Pie Cross-Country

>> Thursday, November 03, 2016

Here are 2 photos that I've Instagrammed recently:

My first green tomato pie (with unripe tomatoes picked from our garden before a frost)
made like my Great Grandma Anna used to make. Tasted like apple pie. AMAZING.

Two more a few weeks later.

My cousin Candace wanted to try it. But she's not in the southern suburbs anymore - she's out in South Carolina. I figured I'd try to send one to her to surprise her. She posted the following 4 photos/screenshots on Facebook recently:

A week ago, my cousin Steve Stenzel and I were bantering back and forth about a green tomato pie he baked and how I wanted him to send me a slice. Yesterday I was delightfully surprised to find a package of his very own homemade green tomato pie delivered from his home in Minnesota to my home in South Carolina.

It's basically already all shame. 🐷 Bonus points for spending a little extra on an actual delivery box as opposed to a manila envelope 😀. Thank you soo much Steve! You currently win the best cousin least until another cousin sends me an even better baked good in the mail......

So as you can see, it didn't get there in PERFECT shape, but it wasn't too ugly. The middle of the pie just "slid" over a bit in transport. I wrapped it tight in 3 layers of tinfoil, then took it to the post office with my box of bubble wrap. I got a priority box and wrapped/packed it tight with bubble wrap. It did the trick!


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