Weekend with the Boys

>> Monday, September 19, 2016

Mama was gone Friday evening though Saturday night. So the boys and I had some fun. We ran/scootered to Choo Choo Bob's train store on Friday night:

A goodnight selfie for Mama.

Then on Saturday morning, I woke up to see THIS on the baby monitor:

Posted on Instagram with the caption: "It was an abrupt start to the day an hour ago
when this was the scene on the baby monitor. Charlie celebrated Mama being gone
for the night by taking off his diaper sometime in the middle of the night.
#NoPoops #JustDampnessEverywhere #ItsAllInTheLaundryRightNow"

Posted on Instagram with the caption: "'Adventure' with the boys.
Charlie was deathly afraid of a dead fish, and Henry dug a 'tide pool.'
Fall color is showing up along the Mississippi."

The boys were very good for me at Sat. night mass and
for running errands, so we stopped at Arby's for supper.


Posted on Instagram with the caption: "Henry's had a loose tooth for a few weeks.
At lunch today, Mama told him that she used to pull out her own teeth.
So he reached into his mouth, grabbed his tooth, pulled it out, and said "got it!"
We sat around the table and laughed and laughed (left pic)."

Oh, and here are a few pics from a week ago Saturday. We went "back home" to go to "Farming of Yesteryear." It's a mini-fair with old tractors, animals, blacksmithing, food, threshing, etc. And my wife's Dad is the president of the group that puts it on. (I think.) Here are the boys having some fun:

Henry and donkeys.

Henry in the tractor parade.

Charlie and his cousin Will.

Some of the kiddos.

Charlie waving HI to the goats.

On a tractor ride with Uncle Mike.

My Dad showing Charlie how corn grows. We took a detour to my folk's house for nap time.

Cousins covered in corn dust.

My boys and I on a big engine.

Back home at the end of a big day.

Back tomorrow with some ACTUAL training updates!


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