Friday Funny 1146: Words That Sound Rude But Aren't

>> Friday, September 02, 2016

A friend sent me this link about "10 words that sound rude but really, genuinely aren't." Here are the words:

1. cock-a-bendy
2. titbow
3. panshit
4. bumfiddlery
5. bumbailiff
6. butt-shaft
7. sexangle
8. skiddy-cock
9. assapanick
10. fanny-blower

And this charming British man will explain these to you in this 4-minute video:

Direct link:

So THIS sentence isn't dirty at all: A cock-a-bendy bumbailiff was creating a panshit while chasing an assapanick and skiddy-cock through a titbow while trying to shoot them with a sexangular butt-shaft.

(That means "a self-important cop was creating a commotion while chasing a squirrel and bird through a mirage while trying to shoot them with a six-sided arrow.")

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