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>> Saturday, September 24, 2016

I had an interesting experience earlier this summer. I responded to a quick survey that Runner's World put out regarding a "run study" in the Minneapolis area. If picked to be part of this study, I'd have to spend an hour or 2 talking with some marketing people about "running stuff," and I would get a free pair of running shoes for my time.

Well, 2 weeks later, I learned I was picked to be one of the participants. I showed up at a fancy south metro hotel:

I EXPECTED maybe 1-2 dozen participants, and maybe 3-6 people asking questions.

But in REALITY, it was 5 participants being asked questions by 13 people. Whoa. A little intimidating at first.

There was a runner who started running to lose weight and now does marathons, a back-of-the-pack runner who runs for fun and fitness, a new Mom who runs for sanity (BEEN THERE), and a runner who considered himself more of a cyclist (he was the only other guy there with me).

This company (who I don't want mention, but they do lots of "outdoors" stuff including running and trail running shoes) flew in a lot of their marketing team from the western US and from France. So there were lots of sexy accents. They had a ton of random questions that were mainly first about how we perceived their brand, and then lots of questions about what sort of things we look for in different gear (like running shoes, technical shirts, running shorts, etc). And even questions like who we talk to or listen to for gear advice. It was all quite interesting (not what WE were saying, but looking at the questions THEY were asking and how that could help them).

Here's a pic as the run study wrapped up:

The only other guy was just to my right, and the 3 women were at the end of the
table with me to my left. We were stared down by a TABLE full of marking people!

After they met with us, they were headed to the east coast to host a similar focus group before they all went back home. Interesting time!

Back with some speed work updates next week.


Jason 5:32 PM, September 24, 2016  

So what kind of shoes did you get? I didn't think they made road shoes.

Steve Stenzel 8:59 PM, September 24, 2016  

Ha Jason, you must of picked up on something I was writing! That was an issue with how people perceived them: they HAVE started making road shoes. But most people (including the 5 of us there) thought of them as a trail company.

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