Long Ride with my Boys (and leg workout and steep-ass hill)

>> Saturday, September 03, 2016

This morning, I loaded the boys into the Chariot for a ride to the gym. We did some extra miles at the start, and I hit that at a moderate/hard effort. The first nearly 7.5 miles was ALMOST 15 mph on my mountain bike as I towed over 100 lbs of craziness behind me (14.96 mph to be exact). I posted this photo once I got to the gym:

Caption on Instagram: "This morning's chilly ride called for a blanket."

Then I did a leg workout at the gym. Yeah, that's either genius or stupid. We had to bike back home (obviously), so that really made my legs burn. Charlie fell asleep for a 15 min nap shortly after we left the gym as we were on the Greenway Trail:

12 mph selfie with 2 resting boys.

We stopped to play along the Mississippi River on our way back:

Charlie looks suspicious here because he's afraid
Henry is going to steal is stick. Which he did.

Those photos were from down that STEEP little hill across from the Shriners Hospital along River Road. If you live around here, you know what I'm talking about. When I loaded the boys back up and headed up that hill, it took me 2:02 to get up to River Road, which was 0.17 miles. So that's 5.02 mph. Yeah. Ouch. I was in my granny gear on my mountain bike, which is a SUPER small ring, and I had that lovely taste of blood in the back of my throat. Two different families gave me cheers of support as I was biking up that damned hill. So far, I've ran that hill, biked it, pushed the single stroller, pushed the double stroller, and biked with the double Chariot. Biking it today with the double stroller is the worst, but just BARELY worse than running it with the double stroller.

All in all, I had a good leg workout at the gym, and biked nearly 16 miles with my boys.


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